Work Injuries: 3 Helpful Steps To Take When Dealing With Worker's Comp

Getting injured at work is a scary scenario to be put in. If the injury is severe and you were not at fault, you may be able to receive worker's compensation. To make getting this compensation less difficult, you can take these steps.

Report the Incident

As soon as you get injured, you need to report what happened to a supervisor or manager on duty. Tell them what happened exactly, whether you fell because the floors were wet or you injured yourself on a machine.

Your manager should then have you fill out a form, helping you document what happened. This report helps prove that you got injured, so you can receive financial compensation. If you don't report the accident after 30-45 days, this could result in statute of limitations. This is a period of time that limits certain legal action, so you will not be as likely to get what you need.

Visit the Right Medical Provider

If your injury is severe, you need to seek medical help. Usually, you will go to a specific doctor or clinic – depending on what your company advises. At the hospital or clinic, you will also need to make an official statement on how you got injured.

Not only does reporting the injury at the hospital help with the claims process, but it helps your company change the work environment. That way, the same accident doesn't keep happening over and over again. It's important to follow up on doctor visits because if you don't, the insurer could deem your injury to not be significant. Then, you may get denied worker's compensation, putting yourself in a financial and medical hole.

Get Help From a Worker's Comp Attorney

You may have never dealt with a work injury before, and it can seem daunting at first. You can take the right steps, fortunately, when you get help from a worker's comp attorney, like those at the Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw. Your attorney will take you through the whole process, so that it doesn't drag on and make your life chaotic.

Your attorney will keep you updated on all of the deadlines in terms of paperwork, so you can start receiving payments quickly. Even if your claim is denied, your attorney can help you appeal and prove that you were indeed injured at work. Lastly, your attorney can help you decide when to settle, which may depend on how much compensation you are offered.

If you have gotten injured at work, and you are filing for worker's compensation, these steps are important to take. They will help you recover from your work-related injuries as quickly as possible. 

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