Hurt On The Job: Four Worker's Compensation Tips To Keep In Mind

Getting hurt at work can be a frustrating and painful experience. However, you will need to understand the worker's compensation process, so that you get paid what you deserve. This process will allow you to get money needed to fix your injuries, make up for any lost income and ensure that you get ongoing therapy. With these points in mind, follow the advice below, in order to keep your case in order and put your best foot forward during a workers compensation claim. 

Notify Your Human Resources Department Quickly

The best thing that you can do for your worker's compensation case is to notify your employer of your injury as quickly as you can. This not only guarantees thorough and accurate records regarding your injury, it will help you to not invalidate your case altogether. Depending on where you live, you typically have about a month to report your injuries in order for you to have a legal case. Gather contact information and names of any witnesses as quickly as you can and make sure to get as much detail as possible on the record during your initial claim.

Learn The Legal Process For Workers Compensation

Knowing the way the actual worker's compensation process is carried out will save you a lot of heartache and missteps throughout the process. Your place of employment is required to maintain worker's compensation insurance, so that they have the money needed to pay for such incidents.

When you file a claim, your employer will then notify their insurance company, to begin the process of paying what you are owed for your injuries. This will bring into account testimony, medical evidence, doctors recommendations, medical billing and a host of other issues, to validate your case. You will need to retain an attorney, in case you get lowballed by the insurance company and your employer, or if there are any disputes about the validity of your claim.

Be Mindful Of Your Doctor's Orders

You need to be very careful about following the exact advice that your doctor recommends. For instance, if your doctor tells you to stay away from work for two weeks and you stay home for four weeks, this may completely invalidate your case and ruin any chances of a workers compensation payout. Get copies of your doctor's instructions in writing and share them with your employer so that everything is completely transparent and to make sure you are legally covered.

Get The Right Worker's Compensation Attorney

The worker's compensation lawyer that you hire will be the most important component in winning your situation. You should touch base with a lawyer before you file your claim to make sure it is filled out as thoroughly as possible. Meet with a number of attorneys for consultations, to be sure you are getting the best rates available and that they are equipped with the experience needed to help you for your case.

Following these guidelines for the best chance possible at healing yourself after being hurt on the job. For more information, contact a professional like those at The Law Offices of Gregg Durlofsky.

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