Put Motorcycle Helmet Safety In Your Own Hands

Motorcycle helmet laws are different from state to state. Nineteen states require all motorcyclists to wear helmets, 28 only require certain motorcyclist to wear helmets, such as riders under the age of 20, and three states don't require the use of helmets at all. Regardless of what the local laws are in your area, wearing a helmet is important for a number of reasons.


The most important reason to wear a helmet when riding is your safety. Unlike cars, trucks and SUVs, you don't have the extra buffer of protection around you when riding, which puts you at an increased risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37 out of every 100 motorcyclists killed during an accident that weren't wearing a helmet could have survived had they been wearing this safety equipment.

In addition to helping you avoid a fatality, a motorcycle helmet can also reduce the likelihood of you suffering a life-altering or neck injury. Serious head and neck injuries resulting from a motorcycle crash can lead to permanent brain damage or paralysis.

Personal Injury Claim

Most people understand that negligence plays a critical role in personal injury claims surrounding a motorcycle accident. However, the terms of determining negligence aren't always black and white. Take an accident where the motorcyclist wasn't wearing a helmet and was struck by another vehicle, resulting in a serious head injury.

In some cases, even if the state laws didn't require that the motorcyclist wear a helmet, it could be determined that they played a comparatively negligent role. In this scenario, comparative negligence basically means that had the motorcyclist been wearing a helmet, there is a good chance their head injuries would not have been as severe. If you're designated as a comparatively negligent party, settlement of any claims can be an uphill battle.

Put Matters Into Your Own Hands

When it comes to motorcycle helmet laws, it's a good idea to be a smart rider, no matter what the local law states. Your safety and your ability to recover any damages in the event of a motorcycle accident can be protected if you wear a helmet whenever you ride.

In the event you are involved in an accident, an attorney can assist you. Even if you are designated as a comparatively negligent party, an attorney can still fight on your behalf and ensure you receive the medical treatment and compensation you need and deserve.

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