Questions And Answers About A Slip And Fall Injury In A Store

If you have recently fallen while shopping at a local store, you may not know where to turn to ensure that your medical expenses are properly covered. If your fall was due to the negligence of a store representative, you may be eligible for compensation to cover your injury-related expenses. However, you will need the assistance of a personal injury attorney to acquire maximum retribution. Here are a few questions and answers about a slip-and-fall injury in a store: 

How long can you wait before pursuing a case?

Although the statute of limitations for a slip-and-fall case varies by state, it is best to pursue a case as quickly as possible after the accident occurs. In states, such as Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee, you have only one year to initiate a case. However, states, such as Maine and North Dakota, permit up to six years to elapse. 

Still, after a prolonged period, the details of your accident and witness recollections may blur. As soon as you are well enough to consult with a personal injury attorney, schedule an appointment.

How much money will you need to pay to pursue a case?

Many personal injury attorneys who represent slip-and-fall victims agree to provide legal services for a contingency fee. These attorneys do not receive compensation unless money is awarded to you. 

Instead of an upfront fee, they accept a preset percentage of your compensation as their payment. The payment is collected at the end of your case when a settlement is reached. 

What are some indications that a slip-and-fall case should be pursued?

There are several criteria that may be reviewed to indicate negligence on behalf of the store in which you fell. Here are a few:

  1. The store representatives had to have a reasonable amount of time to address the issue that caused your fall. For instance, if you slipped on a wet spot on the floor. A reasonable amount of time for the noticing of the spot and the spot's removal must have elapsed before your fall occurred.
  2. The store must have had reasonable measures in place to protect your safety. For example, if you tripped over an object that you could not see due to poor lighting, the store may be deemed negligent for not providing a safe atmosphere for its patrons.
  3. In addition, if a store worker has identified a potential hazard, the hazard should be labeled to warn customers of the potential danger. For instance, wet floor signs should be posted near a near a newly mopped area.

If you have incurred an injury due to fall at a store, contact a personal injury attorney in your area for guidance. Many personal injury lawyers offer an initial consultation at no cost to you.

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