Was Your Child Injured In An Auto Accident And The Blame Wasn't Documented Correctly? What To Do

Was your child injured badly in an auto accident and the police officer that wrote the report said they couldn't put blame on one party or another, and you don't have enough insurance coverage to pay your bills? If you know that you weren't the one that caused the accident, and you can prove that it was someone else, you'll want to meet with a personal injury lawyer right away.

You don't want to struggle to pay for the medical care that your child needs, just because the police didn't fully investigate the situation. Here are a few ways you could get some evidence.

Internal Black Box Data Recorder

Almost all of the vehicle that are manufactured today have black box data recorders, and your car could have tracked your driving movements when the accident took place. This means the other drivers movements should be on data as well. If you can get access to your data and the other drivers, you may be able to prove they were speeding, turning, or doing something else they weren't supposed to.

Local Cameras

Was there a camera at a traffic light near you? Were there businesses around that had security systems? The lawyer will have the property around the scene of the accident looked at to see if they can show on video that the accident that occurred wasn't your fault. Video footage is the best evidence you can have.

Cell Phone Records

If you are trying to pursue a case, your lawyer may file to have the other driver's phone records looked at. If they can show that the driver was using the internet, messaging or using social media at the time of the accident, and that they were distracted, this is going to be weigh in favor for your case.

The sooner you act, the more likely you'll be to find some evidence regarding the case, including eye witnesses to the account. If your child was injured and you know right away by the way that police wrote tickets or said that there wasn't one party to blame, that you didn't cause the accident and that you can't go after the other driver, you want to call a lawyer like one from Gartner Law Firm as quickly as you can. You don't want to get struck struggling for all of the medical treatment or help your child could need, along with other financial strains caused by the crash.

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