Proving You Weren't Negligent In Your Motorcycle-Involved Accident: How A Lawyer Can Help

Getting into an auto accident is a frightening experience. When you hit a motorcyclist on the road, you may have to prove that you weren't driving negligently in order to avoid financial and legal repercussions. A motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in your claim and help to present your case in the most positive light. Here are ways your accident attorney can be beneficial to you.

The details of your case

Auto and motorcycle accident attorneys are skilled in knowing what details to gather in order to prove against negligence. Your lawyer can get the details of your case that can work in your favor, such as reviewing witness reports that you used your blinker before turning into a new lane, that you came to a complete stop, and that you were not speeding. These are just a few of the things you may have to prove in order to not be counted guilty of negligence. In addition to reviewing your actual accident, your attorney can interview witnesses to the accident to get positive accounts of your responsible driving when the accident occurred. 

If you are facing negligent charges that are difficult to disprove, your attorney may even go so far as to pull up your previous driving history to present you in a more positive light. If you have had very few traffic infractions or have no history of automobile accidents in the past, they can use your safe driving history to help quell accusations that you were at fault during the accident.

Access to the injured party's case and driving history

Your motorcycle accident attorney will not only want to know the details of how you were driving, they will also want to gain access to the other party's driving techniques as well. Part of their research will include reviewing how long the motorcyclist has had a motorcycle, how fast they were going when the accident occurred, and whether they were wearing a helmet and other safety gear at the time of the crash. The attorney's goal is to prove that not only were you not negligent nor the cause of the accident, but that the motorcyclist may not have been using the right precautions to prevent an accident.

If you hit a motorcyclist on the road and it was not your fault, it may be your responsibility to prove you are not at fault or negligent during your case. A motorcycle accident attorney from a company like Master Weinstein Moyer, P.C. can help you with your case.

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