When Your Motorcycle Accident Involves Property Damage: What You Need To Do

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident where no one was (thankfully) injured but you've damaged personal property as a result, you need to take special precautions. Under your collision insurance covered by your motorcycle's policy, you face possible large repairs and costs to set things right again. Here are things you need to do right away to protect your assets and ensure you have the coverage needed to make repairs without a lot of out-of-pocket costs.

Sit down with your insurance agent

You need to report your accident right away to your insurance company. They will immediately want to make assessments of the damage to your motorcycle, and will especially be interested in the damage done to personal property. You need to know how much comprehensive collision insurance you have to cover the costs of the damages that add up quickly, and will need to be heavily involved in the estimates for repairs presented to you by your own insurance company and that of the individual whose property you have affected. Stay in constant contact with your insurance company until the claim has been settled or resolved so you can avoid unexpected bills and other issues along the way.

Hire a lawyer

Motorcycle and vehicle accidents that involve property damage can be extremely tricky. You have your insurance company to contend with, who may try to deny your claim due to possible negligence or other factors they deem appropriate to reject your claim. You will also be negotiating with home and property insurance agents of other people involved in your claim. A motorcycle accident lawyer acts as a middleman for you, negotiating settlement claims and double-checking estimates to make sure they are accurate. They also stand for you in your case to help disprove cases of negligence on your part to help ensure your insurance pulls through as needed. In the event you don't have the right amount of insurance to cover all of the property damage caused by your accident, they can also help you to avoid being sued and guide you in other financial avenues you can take to resolve the accident and its damages favorably for everyone.

Getting into a motorcycle accident that results in property damage can be difficult to overcome alone. Even with insurance, you need the guidance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help you throughout your case. With the right precautions you can quickly resolve your claim and go back to your normal life.

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