Truck Accidents: Why Should You Talk To An Attorney Now?

If you're injured in a trucking accident, the last thing you may want to do is relive the incident all over again. But in order to receive compensation for your injuries, you need to recall as much about the accident as you can. Everything you remember about your accident right now can help an attorney fight for your rights. Learn why it's important to tell a truck accident attorney about your accident below.

Why Should You Speak to an Attorney Now?

Accidents of any nature can be stressful. Stress can play a large or important role in how well you recover after your accident. Stress can also prevent you from remembering everything about your accident, including how and when it occurred. If you can't remember the details about your accident, it may come back to hurt you later.

If you speak with a truck accident attorney now, you can record everything you remember about your accident, including where and how it occurred. Even the smallest details can be useful to an attorney. For example, if you remember seeing the truck driver run a red light before your crash, reveal it to an attorney.

Once a truck accident attorney has everything they need, they'll move forward with your case.

How Does an Attorney Fight for You?

The first thing an accident attorney may do is contact the truck driver's employer and insurance company. If an attorney can negotiate a reasonable settlement with the driver's employer or insurance company, you may not need to file a claim in court. The evidence provided by an attorney on your behalf may be substantial enough to avoid going to court.

If the employer or insurance company refuses to engage in any negotiations with an accident attorney, an attorney will file a claim and request a hearing in court for you. If the trucker's insurer disputes your claim at the hearing, an attorney may request a trial.

However, trials can take time to establish. The truck driver's insurance company and attorneys may also make things difficult for you. To avoid these problems, a truck accident attorney may continue to negotiate with the insurance company until they receive a reasonable settlement for you.

Although it may be difficult for you to do so, you want to speak to an attorney about your accident. Don't hesitate to call or have someone call an attorney for you today.

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