3 Reasons to Consider a Birth Defect Lawsuit

Unfortunately, birth defects are not as uncommon as most people would like them to be. Many expectant parents want to know what causes birth defects as well as how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. While many birth defects are the result of genetic factors or the environment, others are linked to the medical care you receive. In fact, a medical professional could directly cause your child's birth defects, leading you to consider hiring a birth defect attorney.

These are some of the cases in which you may consider hiring a birth defect attorney.

Failure to Prescribe Safe Medications

While most doctors are very aware of the medications they prescribe to their pregnant patients, negligence can lead a pregnant woman to take medications not safe for their child. These can be medications for mental health conditions, like depression, or physical injuries, like back pain.

If a doctor prescribes you medication and tells you it is safe for your pregnancy in spite of the fact that it is not, you may have a strong birth defect case.

Failure to Monitor Your Health

It is also possible that your doctor fails to monitor your health appropriately. This means that you might be in a position where your doctor is not keeping track of your vitals or measuring your baby as it grows. As a result, your child may be missing out on the healthcare he or she needs.

When a doctor does not monitor your health, you may have a strong case. You can speak with your birth defect attorney about gathering evidence to show that your doctor was negligent in monitoring you.

Failure to Perform Necessary Treatment

When your doctor does not perform the necessary procedures, you and your child can experience the consequences. For instance, your doctor may delay a necessary C-section, leading to your child lacking oxygen for too long.

If you can gather evidence that your doctor took too long to act, your birth defect attorney can help you make a strong case.

Contact a Birth Defect Attorney

Birth defect attorneys understand that you are not always in control when it comes to medical procedures. You trust your doctor and other medical providers to be safe, knowledgeable, and competent. When they are not, you and your child may suffer. All of this means that you may need to count on an attorney.

If you think negligence or recklessness is to blame for your child's birth defects, now is the time to consult with an attorney. Call an attorney today to learn more.

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