Top 5 Questions To Ask During Preliminary Consultation With Personal Injury Lawyer

Sitting down for a consultation is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in finding a personal injury lawyer for your case. It is indeed an opportunity for both parties to know more about each other, which can help you decide whether the lawyer is a good fit for you.

Asking the right questions during the consultation will ensure you get the most out of it. Here is a list of some questions to ask a personal injury lawyer

1. What Is Your Specialization?

Ask about the practice area the lawyer specializes in if any. You want to go with a personal injury lawyer with experience in your type of case.

2. Who Will Be Handling the Case?

What experts and other support teams will the personal injury lawyer be working with for your case? You want to be sure your case will be in the hands of experienced professionals. The better if you have more people working on it, as this can influence, among other things, the turnaround time.

3. What Is Your Litigation Experience?

Your personal injury lawyer should be able to negotiate for fair compensation with the insurer. While most desirable, an out-of-court settlement is never guaranteed.

When negotiations don't yield the desired outcome, you want to be sure your personal injury lawyer can confidently take your case to trial. As such, it is best to go for a lawyer with extensive litigation experience.

4. What Is Your Case Worth?

A diligent and honest personal injury lawyer will tell you that it's near impossible to tell you how much your case is worth. It would be unfair to promise you millions in compensation upfront. That being said, while the lawyer may not be able to give an exact figure of your case's worth, they can advise you on the specific damages for which you qualify to seek compensation.

5. How Long Will The Case Take?

In reality, personal injury claims may take some time. Exactly how long that may be will, of course, depend on several factors, including how well the other party cooperates and how much resources your lawyer assigns to your case. Your lawyer can explain each of these factors to you at the consultation.

Due diligence is absolute when finding a personal injury lawyer. Be sure to ask the right questions at your consultation. The good news is that these consultations are usually free and obligation-free. To learn more information, reach out to a company such as C. Dennis Wegner & Associates

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